Second Trimester, Oh My!

If you follow our Instagram you know that I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with our first boy (and last baby ever!!), and thus far *knocks on every piece of wood for miles* it has been the most laid back, awesome experience. Compared to my other 3 pregnancies, this one is seriously a breeze, I … Continue reading Second Trimester, Oh My!


The thing about June…

Pride month is in full swing, there are beautiful rainbows flying high all over the world. If you know Damian and I, you know we have always been supporters of the LGBTQ community, we have always believed love is love. We haven't however, been open about about a few things and today is the day … Continue reading The thing about June…

Secular Homeschool at the top of the Bible Belt

Homeschooling is rough, some days its knock down drag out rough. Some days its hard because you found a curriculum you think you love, and then there it is, a bible reference. If you are a secular homeschooler I am guessing this has happened to you. I'm also guessing you have spent hours and hours … Continue reading Secular Homeschool at the top of the Bible Belt