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We are a family of 5, I am Liz a secular home schooling mom, I mostly stay at home but I do a have a part time job that only requires me to walk across the street, it’s pretty perfect. Damian is my husband, he is a USMC veteran and just got his degree! He works full time and is a Wing Tsun instructor as well. Kali is our oldest at 10, she will be 11 in November and she goes to public school; she loves reading and YouTube. Izzy is our middle and she is 7; she started home school in February of 2017 in the middle of her 1st Grade year; she loves Minecraft, Roblox and math. Eva is 3, she loves Paw Patrol and anything loud; she is going to start off at public school next year.


My dad lives with us, he had my job before I got it recently following an extended illness hospitalizing him for over a month. He is a Vietnam War veteran and one hell of a Paw Paw to the girls.

We have a cat named Kalavan, he is a typical asshole. He spent the first few years of his life as an indoor outdoor cat, but has recently started once again discovered the comfort of meals he doesn’t have to hunt for and constant love from the girls.

Chelsea is our dog and she is more like a cat than a dog, she hates toys and would rather sleep in the sun all day than chase a ball. She does love long walks in the woods though, especially if those walks end in camping!

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