Second Trimester, Oh My!

If you follow our Instagram you know that I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with our first boy (and last baby ever!!), and thus far *knocks on every piece of wood for miles* it has been the most laid back, awesome experience. Compared to my other 3 pregnancies, this one is seriously a breeze, I am constantly hungry and it’s basically the best thing ever. The girls pregnancies were full of drama, which maybe should have prepared me for having 3 girls more effectively (is this a thing that happens when you’re pregnant with girls? I feel like there should be a study…)

There is one very specific symptom I have never experienced before, and let me start this by saying, I highly suggest any members of my family just stop reading now, it’ll make Thanksgiving a lot more comfortable for everyone, I promise.

Now. Back to the matter at hand, second trimester horniness (it deserves to be a word!).

With the girls, I was so exhausted through 99% of the pregnancies that I honestly had absolutely no idea that this actually happened. It came as such a shock to me that I actually had to Google and make sure I wasn’t a freak of nature. I spent much of my first trimester relatively exhausted, and when my second trimester rolled around it was like someone lit a fire in my lady bits.

Now I can’t get enough, and its basically an all the time thing. I’ve never been this way in my life; that’s not to say I don’t enjoy sex, because I really really do, but it’s never been a thing I needed and I could just ignore that whole aspect of life when sex wasn’t really an option (which came in handy a lot as a military spouse).

5 months ago, sex was a ‘post kids bedtime’ activity and it wasn’t exactly as often as we would have liked it to be, but we just took what we could get. Now? Slipping into the bedroom for a quickie while the girls are watching TV and left overs are reheating in the oven for lunch is a pretty common occurrence. So common that if Damian is home at any point before I fall asleep, its going down.

As much as I know this is mostly driven by hormones and extra blood flow (THANK YOU!!) I can’t help but wonder if its also got something to do with the fact that for the first time in a LONG time, I feel sexy. And I know how weird that sounds, but stick with me here. In my first pregnancy we discovered that my hips wouldn’t expand, and with that came a few things. First it came a little bit of anger, how was it that I was supposed to be able to give birth if my hips wouldn’t accommodate that? Betrayal immediately followed, as a woman there is basically one thing you are biologically programmed to do, have babies, and while I can carry them, I definitely can’t have one naturally.

After that, I started in on the super vein and superficial reasons I was so angry, one of those reasons was I have always narrow hips and no butt. I was one of many who was looking forward to pregnancy maybe giving me a booty, but that would never happen. Then came the literal PAIN of being pregnant when your body can’t open itself like it should be able to, to fit this entirely new human. With every pregnancy, all that got worse, I had PPD every time and have spent the vast majority of the last 11 years stuck in a spiral of PPD and regular depression.

In between Izzy and Eva we had 3 miscarriages, and I began to think that my body just couldn’t do it anymore. I had gained a lot of weight (which I then lost when I was pregnant with Eva and had HG) and I felt awful, I was depressed and I thought our chances of having more kids was non existent. Those few years were some of the worst we had experienced, and my sex drive virtually disappeared. It’s hard to FEEL sexy when you think your body is betraying you.

This pregnancy has everything going on, my butt is most definitely growing, and my hips seem to be moving; probably because Ladon is sitting so low they have absolutely no choice. My boobs didn’t really get a long break between Eva being done breastfeeding and me getting pregnant, so they have been growing and perking up. My nails are growing, my skin is clearing up after a nasty first trimester battle of the acne, and I feel more comfortable in my own body than I have for a long time. I would like to think that has EVERYTHING to do with this sudden increase in libido, I think the shriveled up shell of a human I felt like for so long NEEDS that to be part of the reason.

What have been your experiences with sex during pregnancy? Has it varied in different pregnancies or stayed consistent through every one? Sound off in the comments and let me know about your experiences!!


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