Manifesting Goals

That seems like a weird thing to say. It sounds like you can take a goal and pluck it from nothing and *gasp* there it is. In your hand, like a crystal ball showing you what can be. Not a prophecy. No. Those have a fogged sort of ominous feeling. This ball of awesome looks like a happiness memory from Inside Out, glowing all orange and giving off the comforting vibe of a fire in a small cabin. 

As an adult, hopefully you have realized goals don’t just get plucked out of trees and happen. You have to work for them, and that means adulting. A whole hell of a lot of adulting. You’ll buy so many notebooks, the employees at Dollar General will wonder if you’ve decided to return to college. You’ll tell them no, that in fact you are 30 and just learned how to adult in the appropriate ways. And that now, in order to buy a house 2,000 miles away in a place you’ve never been to, you have to take that main goal and break it into small portions of little goals. 

Now, if you’re like me and new to all this “responsible adulting” business (don’t get the wrong idea, I’ve been a parent for almost 11 years, we always have food we always have everything we need. I just kind of suck at doing stuff on time and I’ve NEVER been good with money), you probably know that the smallest of victories needs to be celebrated. Paid the bills before their due date? Do a little dance. I mean that. Seriously, dance a little. Went under budget on groceries? Jam out to your favorite song (I mean any will do, use what you’ve got!) on the way home from the store, and then have someone else carry in groceries. If you put money in savings this month, I want you to give yourself a round of applause. Little celebrations cost nothing, but will seriously help you continue making informed and intelligent decisions. 

A few weeks ago I made a post about moving, and how I had always felt restless here. The past 4 years of being back in Illinois have very much reminded us of everything we were struggling to free ourselves from when Damian joined the Marines. We know we don’t want to be here, and because of that we know we won’t be. 

The next couple years are all about paying off debt and saving. Lots and lots of saving. More saving and then saving more. It’s not a skill I have ever been good at, like patience, I just haven’t ever grasped it. I quit smoking cigarettes and that money goes in savings monthly, we put our left over monthly checking balance in savings, on top of the amount we set to automatically go in each pay period. We already know where the next 2 years worth of taxes are going. That’s right, in savings. 

For the next 2ish years, we probably won’t get to have a whole lot of fun time, we won’t get random pretzel trips (which are 20 miles away and require both gas and funds), we won’t get new games or stop for a Dr Pepper at the gas station. 

But once those 2ish years are over, we will have a house to call our own, and mostly new things. We decided early on in the process that we didn’t want to rent a truck, which means we are going to have to buy new stuff, I’m totally fine with that. We’ve used a moving truck before and have no desire to do it again. 

Cab we just fast-forward 2ish years? Please? 


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