Let’s talk about medicine.

If you have ever at any point run across our Instagram you know we are medical marijuana advocates, but do you know why? Probably not. Unless you’re an advocate yourself you probably think we use medical just to get high, a huge vast majority of non patients feel that way. I always knew that but this month has been a little different, what with The Cannavist Mom being on The Today Show earlier this week and sparking a national talk show conversation. (You can watch the segment here and you can find The Cannavist Mom here ).

If you are a member of The Cannavist Mom Facebook you waited for over a week for that segment, it was supposed to air last week, but got bumped to this week following some ignorant tweets by our less than capable leader.

Here’s the thing about the segment, I think everyone who knew about it, knew they would find a way to spin it. They couldn’t have picked a worse doctor to bring on the show, and their one-in-ten becomes addicted statistic is WAY off according to drugscience.org. In fact, some recent studies have found that marijuana actually helps treat some of the symptoms of addiction withdrawal. So why is the public so against alternative forms of treatment as a whole?

In the early 1900’s, following the Mexican Revolution, there was an influx of immigration from Mexico to the southern US. These new Americans brought their culture with them, including “marihuana”. At the time, Americans weren’t used to the term, as “cannabis” was the preferred term, and was available in most every tincture and medicine. The media began playing on fears the public had about the new citizens, including their use of “marihuana”. Most citizens didn’t even realize it was the same plant they had in their medicine cabinet.

The all out war waged on cannabis, at it’s heart is a demonization of Mexican Immigrants. The idea became to outlaw a substance in order to search detain and deport immigrants. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 effectively banned marijuana’s use and sale, after false claims were made that marijuana use caused men of color to become violent and solicit sex from white women.

The act was later ruled unconstitutional but was replaced with the Controlled Substances Act. in the 70’s which placed marijuana a Schedule 1 substance, in the same category as heroin and opium.

Once marijuana was banned, a series of propaganda radio and eventually movies and television shows further demonized the plant. Anyone over the age of 25 has seen the anti pot ads that ran on every channel; a girl melting into her couch giving the impression that marijuana use makes you useless.

With an ever growing list of medical conditions marijuana could help treat (schedule 1 means next to impossible to get government approval for testing) and with the body having an endocannabinoid system, it seems like we may actually need cannabis for our bodies to function correctly.

I use medical marijuana for a variety of reasons: IBS-D, psoriatic arthritis, anxiety, depression, and menstrual cramps to name a few. Marijuana has helped me be more attentive with my kids and it makes the days of constant toddler meltdown a little easier. My kids know it is medicine, I don’t smoke in the same room as them and I don’t take more time than I would to load the washer or dishwasher.

I am so freaking tired of being labeled a bad parent for using a plant with ZERO deaths attributed, by people who drink alcohol. Especially since a whopping 84% of Americans over 18 said they had drank alcohol at some point in their lives and alcohol causes approximately 88,000 deaths annually. I know several members of my immediate family who drink in front of their children as if alcohol is suddenly going to quit causing liver failure, and in the same breath judge and mock my use of marijuana to treat medical conditions.

It’s time to end the stigma. It’s time to have serious discussions with your anti-pot family and maybe even friends (do those exist? I don’t have any lol). It’s time to have informed discussions with your local government and policing communities about their stance on marijuana and to RESPECTFULLY (that is incredibly important ya’ll, you can’t be a dick and expect anyone to be receptive to that.) educate them when necessary. Go to your local library and spend 10 cents a page on a few printed out studies, list groups of law enforcement and government officials who are pro-marijuana. Give personal testimony. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE. 10000000000000 billion times, register to freaking vote and VOTE. Get to know the people running for offices in your city county and state, find out their stance and again, respectfully educate when necessary.

We can end this.





7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about medicine.

  1. I know many people who use weed as pain relief. That said, I just can’t accept that it should be legalised. Yes, alcohol is a very addictive substance too and should be a little more regulated in the UK. (I’m assuming from you post that we’ve got a huge body of water separating us!).

    The problem with weed is it can be very difficult for people to see the side effects it is having, mainly because they’re effecting the brain, rather than anything physical. With alcohol, you get liver failure and many more immediate physical dangers. With weed, if it’s overused, the user can become so detached from reality, paranoid and unbelievably unstable. Not to mention that police officers in the UK see a huge correlation between cannabis use, which transitions to more hard-core drugs and drug trafficking.

    I’m glad you’ve said we should all have a respectful discussion – so often, people will disagree and then start throwing insults around. It’s just easier to stay amicable and respectfully disagree.

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    1. I think it should be medically legalized, not recreational though. Not yet at least, there definitely need to be more studies done, which can’t currently be done because of the classification as a Schedule 1 Substance.
      At this point, I think that legalizing medical on a federal level so the appropriate studies can be done is our best next step for ending the completely erroneous stigmas attached to marijuana as a whole. For 3 years we couldn’t smoke while Damian was serving in the USMC. We drank, became very unhealthy, gained weight etc etc. With marijuana I can play with my kids on the floor (something my arthritis wouldn’t allow without it unless I took a prescribed medication that is known to cause horrible side effects), I can work in my garden and I can eat in a healthy way and not suffer from IBS symptoms, all without having to take pharmaceuticals that cause side effects that can kill you faster than the conditions themselves.


      1. It really does, there are multiple ingestion ways too so you can eliminate the negative side effects of smoking in general. With IBS, you can even use CBD oils instead of THC to eliminate the psychoactive component. Medical marijuana is so much more than just smoking some bud.


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