Curriculum Frustration

Months. That is how long I searched.

Originally I started with a search for an all together secular curriculum; I sorted the short list and wasn’t satisfied. When all of those felt either far too structured or too watered down, I switched to a search to piece together a curriculum based on subject. I found what I was looking for in a math curriculum, and again with reading; I am throwing in some added writing though. I semi-created a kick ass science curriculum (using the resourced in the link) that I am going to be adding a few things too. Art is a pretty simple subject to make your own curriculum for, especially if you tie it in with other subject matter (we are doing a lot of science based art this year, which we will be sharing lots of).

The one subject we couldn’t find a SINGLE curriculum we were satisfied with? Geography/History. Izzy would technically be in 2nd grade this year, and I felt that everything fell far below what I thought SHE could understand.

After a month long search and debate on if we should just add to an already existing curriculum, I decided to make my own. I had found an awesome world atlas at a book sale in the spring and decided to base a curriculum around it. I wanted something that was easy to remember and that I could continue to build of off over the next few years, and I wanted to make it easy to figure out which aspects excited her the most. Just as an example, in September we will be starting with Canada, the first week is all about Canadian history. Who was there first, when European settlers showed up etc etc. The second week is the government, the third week covers the most practiced religion for the country, and the last week is an all over review.

Obviously I had to make all these 7 year old friendly, and we set aside one night a week (Tuesday nights starting in September for those wondering, we will be posting those photos and videos of those I am sure) to make recipes from each place we study this year.

We have a lot of new stuff planned for this school year; and we intend to share it all over on Instagram. We did switch some things around too, rather try and shove ALL the subjects in every day, we will focus on one subject per day, but every subject will be touched on. Today is Wednesday, so this will be our Art focus day; while we complete projects we will talk about the history of the type of art we are doing. We will cover famous artist in the genre and have a spelling guessing game with their names and important words pertaining to the style. We will cover which regions in the world the style originated and find them in our atlas and on a globe; we will talk about the science involved in making the supplies and discuss the math.

We are going to be reading out loud more often through the day, and we are doing a morning and bedtime yoga, as well as PLENTY of outside play time both structured and free play. As always, chores aren’t forced but they can earn screen time and/or extra money to do them. School time is school time, we really only do an hour of structured lessons a day. We are all still useless until after lunch so other than yoga and eating, no structured lessons until we’ve eaten a few times, LOL.

How do you homeschool? What are your favorite methods? Let me know in the comments!!


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