Blissful Ignorance for 1

On Wednesday I decided I needed a break; a break from the continuous news stream and if you’re in any secular groups on Facebook, the constant bickering of cliques. I took 2 days to collect myself to read, and breathe and exist in a state of blissful ignorance. First we are going to look at how I did it, because in this age of instant access to information, the temptation is REAL. Then I want to talk about all the reasons I am going to make tech breaks a priority in the future.

I started this little separation with a spur of the moment decision, my states inability to pass a budget forced our comptroller to release a public video on Facebook regarding the repercussions and what we stood to lose. The almost constant barrage of crappy news coming from the White House is depressing and everyone seems to be debating everywhere. I decided to uninstall Facebook and Instagram for 2 days. Since they came factory on my phone, all I could do was uninstall the updates and disable the apps; I removed them from my home screen where they have been since I got the phone almost 2 years ago. For about an hour and a half I felt naked. I wanted to check, to have news, to see what repulsing thing 45 said today; I held my ground though, in fact, I even went OVER my 2 days and extended it in to Saturday.

In those 2 days I read 2 books, I made cookies with the girls and I cuddled on the couch watching movies with Damian and I didn’t make a post or tag anyone. I got laundry done even though I didn’t want to and the house is cleaner than it has been for years. We cleaned up the garage and got a bunch of junk cleared from the shed, we caught up on random shows we hadn’t watched and spent more time laughing than we had in quite awhile. Without the distraction of social media life is nicer. There is no filter for awesomeness.

I think in this age of technology we all forget that it is okay to just breathe sometimes; we can all take a moment and say “I just need to regroup,” and do exactly that. I have a new goal now, to at the very least twice a month take a step back from the phone and the news feeds and the apps and the news in general. After all, ignorance is bliss.


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