The First Post

Hey everyone! For those that followed us from shop to blog I wanted to take some time to speak to you directly! You know we were running a blog on our shop, but we closed rather suddenly and with some orders open (all but one of which has been shipped out!). We wanted to say thank you for your patience while we dealt with my Dads’ most recent hospitalization and while the job situation righted itself.

We still wont be making anything for the time being, but we figured we could keep you updated through here!!

We wanted to explain to anyone new what exactly we are trying to accomplish here. Our main goal in life is to buy 20+ acres in Washington state, to run a completely self sustaining life from that land and making our art. We plan to open an outdoor wedding venue on the property, as well as a Crystal Healing and Reiki center and probably have mini retreats available. Initially we planned to save money and by the land while we still lived in Illinois, but recently decided we are saving to buy a house in Washington first, and once we have lived there will buy land that we can tangibly see.

Now a short update, Damian has a couple interviews lined up, and Dad has returned from the hospital and nursing home, and is in good spirits but more of a grumpy old man than before. I am still struggling with time management where the new job is concerned. I hope to be able to pick back up making necklaces in the next few months with a few changes!

Thanks for reading, we will see you soon!!



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