Baby Steps

"How did a cross country move turn into a 20 mile move first?" I said that yesterday, both in my head and outloud on a number of occasions. We recently figured out that to embark on our westerly cross country move, we first needed to move a little closer to home. We love living in … Continue reading Baby Steps


A recovering alcoholic in a world of alcohol

Being a recovering anything is a pain in the ass. You see it everywhere, even if you don't ACTUALLY see it everywhere. Maybe it's because I am pregnant and really really CANT drink (because everyone knows when you can't have something, you want it more) but all the alcohol related ads on social media just … Continue reading A recovering alcoholic in a world of alcohol

Second Trimester, Oh My!

If you follow our Instagram you know that I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with our first boy (and last baby ever!!), and thus far *knocks on every piece of wood for miles* it has been the most laid back, awesome experience. Compared to my other 3 pregnancies, this one is seriously a breeze, I … Continue reading Second Trimester, Oh My!

Holy Shit, Christmas!

I have to say, I'm not proud of doing a Christmas post in November. I am so anti early Christmas that the ONLY forms of Christmas music I will allow until December 1st are Ding Fries Are Done by Peter Grffin and The Night Santa Went Crazy by Weird Al. I called Dollar General corporate this … Continue reading Holy Shit, Christmas!

Different Kids, Different Learning Styles

"I'm not going to lie and say this decision isn't also based on the fact that come April I will be contending with a newborn, recovering from a c-section and would have been trying to get more structured lessons prepared for Eva, whilst also ensuring Izzy is actually learning from the videos she watches instead of just watching funny cats all day."

Illinois, let’s legalize, but let’s do it right.

In the past few years, legal marijuana has been presented a few times, but failed miserably at voting time. It really isn't a shock it didn't pass, especially when one considers just how conservative the parts of Illinois that aren't Chicago are. In this past election, more of the state voted blue than in previous … Continue reading Illinois, let’s legalize, but let’s do it right.

The impossible month.

Oh the last month. Its one of those months that you look back on later in life and think "fuck yeah that was hard but YAY WE DID IT" It started with an argument; my dad's health has been hit and miss and its causing a lot of frustration for everyone. The fight lead to … Continue reading The impossible month.

How you present religion matters!

When you present the bible as absolute fact, your child can no longer look at history and science without already having a bias. You block them from learning a great deal about the universe and space (remember just because the planets are there, doesn't have to mean your God still can't be. Space is BIG), you block them from learning about how the Earth was formed and how some of the most amazing and beautiful natural monuments formed. Again, just because they know the science behind it, doesn't mean their faith in God has to diminish. 

Religion and the Kids

When I got pregnant with Kali at 18, her dad and I never discussed what we would do about religion; he and I got married and divorced in less than a year, we really never talked about it, neither of us ever went to church so....that was basically that.   When Damian and I got … Continue reading Religion and the Kids

Manifesting Goals

That seems like a weird thing to say. It sounds like you can take a goal and pluck it from nothing and *gasp* there it is. In your hand, like a crystal ball showing you what can be. Not a prophecy. No. Those have a fogged sort of ominous feeling. This ball of awesome looks like … Continue reading Manifesting Goals